This is a must have! No matter which venue you have for your event LED lighting will either accentuate certain moldings or flush the walls out completely.  With our DMX lighting we are able to coordinate all uplights with a flick of a switch and change the color as needed.  We can coordinate our lights with the music and have multicolor lights also.  To transform your event this is one service you do not want to miss out on!

Intelligent Lighting

Spot lighting makes a world of difference to your event.  Is there something in particular you would like to stand out at your event, highlight your cake table, the head table, the sweet hearts table.  What about spot lighting when having your first dance or when you make your grand entrance.  With intelligent lighting this is all possible, giving certain areas a little extra lighting will really make your event stand out.


We can highlight centerpieces of your event using our pinspot lighting.

Exterior Lighting

Let us transform your complete home with our exterior lighting during your festive week!

Stock Monograms

Add effects to your event by adding our pattern designs.

Custom Monogram

Have a design in mind? Give us your thoughts and we will create a custom gobo for you, this is where you get to be creative….and if you get stuck for ideas no worries, we will suggest countless ides to help you.  Gobo’s can be placed anywhere in you event room, from the ceiling to the floor to the backdrop to anywhere.  Having multiple gobo’s are even more fun!